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INDUSTRIES:Industrial Automation



Customer Need / Challenge

  • An end product is made by mixing
    various raw materials together in a
    mixing tank.
  • To ensure product quality and safety,
    it’s important that the ingredients are
    mixed properly without under or overmixing.
  • To do this, the density and viscosity
    of the mixture must be continuously
    analyzed during the mixing process.

Interface Solution

  • Mount the mixing motor to a
    hollow flange reaction torque transducer to measure mixing torque.


  • Customer is able to determine
    ideal density and viscosity based on torque measurements in order to monitor the ingredient mixing and maintain product quality and safety.


Interface Products

  • Model 5330 Reaction Torque Sensor.
  • 920i Programmable Weight Indicator and
    1. Model 5330 Reaction Torque Sensor is mounted
      to the adapter plate between the mixing motor
      and the tank lid.

sensor and mobilizes the mixer shaft and blades.

  • The sensor measures the torque and feeds
    information back to the 920i Programmable
    Weight Indicator and Controller.
  • Mixing speed and duration is controlled.