Interface Celebrates World Metrology Day 2021

World Metrology Day is an annual event that recognizes the science of measurement and all the contributions this important role has in advancing industries around the globe. May 20 is the official metrology day of recognition, as assigned through the Metre Convention on the same day in 1875.  This original convention was signed by 17 nations, including the United States, to celebrate the unity of all nations on the uniformity of measurement.

Metrology is the science of weights and measures. The dependency on the science of measurement crosses every continent and nearly every industry, from aerospace to medical. World Metrology Day 2021 is important to Interface and our role in helping metrologists and organizations throughout the world innovative, design, discover, engineer and manufacture products that improve the quality of life and protect our global environment.

There are many types of metrologists that study and practice the science of measurement. They are known for developing quantity systems, units of measurement, and measuring methods to be used in science. Interface primarily partners with metrology engineers and force metrologists that specialize in engineering-related measuring for calibrating instruments, designing new technologies or tools, creating systems of measurement, analyzing data and researching methods for improving the science of measuring. Interface provides many tools and systems for this type of work, from our precision load cells, torque transducers, and multi-axis sensors to instrumentation and calibration systems.

The future of force metrology is evolving.  As noted by our VP of Product Management, Ted Larson, “The force measurement industry has already been changed permanently.  Digital and wireless solutions will only continue to grow in popularity. More advanced data solutions and capabilities are being offered every day. The force measurement industry is innovating in ways we did not think were possible a decade ago.”

Interface works with metrologists, engineers and leaders in their industries to continue to advance the science and by supporting those that are driving change. Read more about the trends and future of metrology in Ted’s Metrology News article here.