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INDUSTRIES: Medical and Healthcare / Test and Measurement



Customer Need / Challenge

Customer needs to apply known forces to stent and catheters to ensure they pass all necessary strength and flexibility testing.

Interface Solution

Model 1200 Series Low Profile™ Load Cell is placed behind the guide wire for the stent or catheter. The motor will spin the linear drive and push the load cell and guide the wire through the testing maze. Model 1200 Series Load Cell is connected to Model DIG-USB PC Interface Module. All forces are measured and stored on PC.


Customer was able to perform required testing and log to PC, followed by being able to review results and take actions as needed.



Interface Products

  • 1200 Series Low Profile Load Cell with Base
  • DIG-USB PC Interface Module
  • Interconnect cable

Alternative Setup

  • Stent and catheter testing machine
  • PC
  • Gripper

Other Configuration

  • Model 9330 High Speed Data Logger
  1. Install Model 1200 Series LowProfile™ Load Cell onto linear guide
  2. Connect Model 1200 series load cell to Model DIG-USB PC Interface Module
  3. Connect Model DIG-USB to customer’s PC
  4. Forces measured by Model 1200 series load cell will be displayed and logged onto customer’s PC