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INDUSTRIES: Industrial Automation


Customer Need / Challenge
A manufacturer of a robot arm needs to measure force and torque when the arm picks up and places objects.

Interface Solution
Interface supplied Model 6A40A 6-Axis Load Cell with Model BX8-HD44 Data Acquisition/Amplifier.

The 6A40-6 Axis Load Cell was able to measure all forces and torques (Fx, Fʏ, Fz, Mx, Mʏ, Mz) and the BXB-HD44 Data Acquisition/Amplifier was able to log, display, and graph these measurements while sending scaled analog output signals for these axes to the robot’s control system

  • 6A40 6-Axis Load Cell.
  • BX8- Data Acquisition/Amplifier with includes BlueDAQ configuration, logging, display and graphing software.
  • Customer’s robotic arm and control system.
  1. Customer installed 6A40 6-Axis Load Cell between robot flange and robot grabber.
  2. 6A40 6-Axis Load Cell was connected to BX8-HD44 Data Acquisition/Amplifier.
  3. Customer connected analog outputs to their control system.
  4. Result, customer is now able to measure forces and torques in 6 axes and send a scaled analog output signal to their robotic arm control system.