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INDUSTRIES: Test and Measurement


Customer Need / Challenge
Customer wants to perform regular torque testing on his ratchet-type torque wrench while recording these values for future examination.

Interface Solution
Interface supplied Model TS15 Square Drive to Flange Reaction Torque Transducer with Model INF-USB3 PC Interface Module for the customer to use.

Customer was able to easily insert their ratchet-type torque wrench into the TS15 Square Drive, perform their calibration checks and view the results while logging them to their PC Computer.

  • TS15 Square Drive to Flange Reaction Torque Transducer.
  • INF-USB3 PC Interface Module with included configuration, display, graphing and logging software.
  • Customer supplied ratchet-type wrench.
  1. Customer mounted TS15 to work bench through flange.
  2. Customer inserted the ratchet-type torque transducer into the TS15 Square Flange Reaction Torque Transducer.
  3. Customer performs calibration checks and views the results while logging them to the PC Computer.