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INDUSTRIES: Medical and Healthcare


Customer Need / Challenge
A medical device manufacturer was developing a new design for an artificial hip joint, and needed to validate load consistency, and the durability of their design.

Interface Solution
A Model 6A40B 6-Axis Load Cell was mounted to the manufacturer’s test machine, where loads were applied to simulate actual use. A Model BX8 was connected to the sensor to collect data.

After analyzing the data the manufacturer was able to improve the durability of their design.

  • Model 6A40B 6-Axis Load Cell.
  • BX8- AS Multi-Channel Bridge Amplifier with BlueDAQ Software.
  • Customer PC for data logging and analysis.
    1. A test profile was set and the loads monitored and fed back into the test machine to control the loads.
    2. The output of the 6-Axis sensor was connected to the Model BX8 Data Acquisition Amplifier which was connected via USB cable to the PC.
    3. The customer analyzed the data and made the required design modifications to improve the durability of the artificial hip joint.