Interface is the leader in Medical Healthcare Sensors Load Cells and provides solutions in force measurement to enable new advances in medical technology. Interface provides a variety of all types of sensors, including load cells, tension links, load shackles, wireless instrumentation and more.

Medical devices from prosthetics to surgical implements often require accurate measurement of forces as small as tenths of a Newton to several hundred lbf. Extreme accuracy and force sensitivity is key to providing the ultimate in modern healthcare during surgical procedures and everyday living. For nearly 50 years Interface has provided medium-size and miniature force measurement solutions including blood bag weighing, catheter force testing and fluid monitoring.

Interface offers various miniature beam and in-line load cell solutions with 10x overload protection to protect patients and devices against accidental shock loads. Our torque transducers provide rotary and reactive measurement to accurately track light movements required to control prosthetic fatigue testing, surgical equipment, knee or hip replacement and other medical devices. Other Interface solutions include multi-axis sensors for multiple channels of measurement in one housing.


  • Monitoring fluid exchange during dialysis or surgery
  • Fluid level monitoring, non-contact method
  • Robotic surgical systems using multi-axis torque & load cells
  • Eye surgery
  • Medical test machines
  • Submersible testing
  • Testing of axial & torsion loads on ligaments
  • Medical Bag Weighing