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INDUSTRIES: Automotive and Vehicle


Customer Need / Challenge

    In the Quality Control Lab at a major Automotive Manufacturing company, a Test Engineer needed to test, record and audit the torque produced by a new motor design under start load.

Interface Solution

    Interface supplied a Model AxialTQ Rotary Torque Transducer that connected between the motor and the differential, on the drive shaft, that could measure and record these torque values.


    Based on the data collected using the AxialTQ, AxialTQ Output Module, and customer laptop, the Test Engineer was able to make recommendations to optimize the amount of torque created by the new motor design.
  • AxialTQ Flange Style Rotary Torque Transducer.
  • AxialTQ Output Module with Included Software.
  • Interconnect Cable.
    1. The AxialTQ is installed in line with the motor being tested.
    2. The AxialTQ’s rotor measures the Motor’s Torque and sends the data to the Output Module.
    3. AxialTQ Output Module displays and transmits the AxialTQ Signal to the PC Over USB.
    4. The PC Software Graphs and Logs the Torque Data.
    5. The Test Engineer analyzes & audits the data to optimize the engines performance.