TS12 Shaft Style Reaction Torque Transducer


QuickShip48 Product
  • Capacities from 0.005 Nm to 20K Nm (0.04 lbf-in to 177K lbf-in)
  • Compact
  • Shaft-style mounting using standard couplings

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Product Downloads

  • Data Sheet
  • TS12 0.005-0.02Nm STP File
  • TS12 0.05Nm STP File
  • TS12 0.1-5Nm STP File
  • TS12 10Nm STP File
  • TS12 20Nm STP File
  • TS12 50-100Nm STP File
  • TS12 200-500Nm STP File
  • TS12 1KNm STP File
  • TS12 2K-5KNm STP File
  • TS12 10K-20KNm STP File
  • TS12 0.005-0.02 Nm Drawing
  • TS12 0.03-0.05 Nm Drawing
  • TS12 0.1-5 Nm Drawing
  • TS12 10-15 Nm Drawing
  • TS12 20-30 Nm Drawing
  • TS12 50-100 Nm Drawing
  • TS12 200-500 Nm Drawing
  • TS12 1K Nm Drawing
  • TS12 2K-5K Nm Drawing
  • TS12 10K-20K Nm Drawing

Features of the TS12 include convenient shaft-style mounting using standard couplings. The compact design allows mounting in tight spaces where rotational clearance is at a minimum.

See datasheet for available models, additional capacities, connectors, options, and accessories.
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