5600 2-Axis Axial Torsion Load Cell

Force & Torque

  • Capacities from 6K lbf / 5K lb-in to 180K lbf / 300K lb-in
  • Measures force and torque
  • Low cross talk
  • High stiffness
  • Extraneous load resistance


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  • Data Sheet
  • 5610 STP File
  • 5611 STP File
  • 5612 STP File
  • 5613 STP File
  • 5614 STP File

Model 5600 series Axial Torsion transducer measures both Torque and Force in one package. Designed for low cross-talk and high resistance to extraneous loads, the 5600 series is a good choice for tests that require monitoring force and torque simultaneously.

Models 5610, 5611, 5612, 5613, and 5614 are available.

See datasheet for available models, additional capacities, connectors, options, and accessories.
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