ISHK-D ‘D’ Type Crosby™ Cabled Load Shackle

Load Shackle

  • Under-hook hoist/crane weighing
  • Cable tension monitoring
  • Towing/mooring tension
  • Crane safe load monitoring

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ISHK-D ‘D’ Type Crosby™ Cabled Load Shackle is designed for lifting and weighing in rugged or harsh environments. The shackle pins are forged from high tensile alloy steel and are machined to an exacting specification. The basic shackle uses the Crosby G2150 series.
This range of load cells are proof loaded to 150% of the normal rated load, and are available in a range from 1 MT to 35 MT (2.2K to 77.2K lbf). The ISHK-D is internally gaged and the whole instrumented area is sealed to IP67 to protect it in service.
They are simple to install and are available in standard shackle sizes. As an option, a rotating bobbin can be supplied to centralize the load and to minimize any point-load effects when the shackle is placed under load. We are also always happy to discuss any special requirements that can be accommodated.
The ISHK-D series can be supplied on its own or combined with our extensive range of instrumentation to provide a complete load monitoring package.

See datasheet for available models, additional capacities, connectors, options, and accessories.
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