2101 Dual Range Standard Compression Only Load Cell

Dual-Range LowProfile® Moment Compensated

  • Dual range allows for accurate measurements throughout test range
  • 4x to 5x overload protection on lower capacity load cell
  • Proprietary Interface temperature compensated gages
  • High output for both ranges: up to 4 mV/V
  • Eccentric load and moment compensated
  • Shunt calibration
  • Low deflection


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  • Data Sheet
  • 2111 STP File
  • 2111 Drawing
  • 2121 Drawing
  • 2131 Drawing
  • 2141 Drawing

Model 2101 consist of lower and higher capacity model 1200 type load cells which are stacked with overload protection built into the lower capacity load cell permitting high resolution to be obtained at both low and high levels of capacity. LowProfile® Moment Compensated.

Models 2111, 2121, 2131, and 2141 are available.

See datasheet for available models, additional capacities, connectors, options, and accessories.
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