GS-SYS01 Gold Standard® Desktop Load Cell Calibration System

Desktop Load Cell Calibration System

  • Gold Standard System guaranteed to be the most accurate calibration system in the world
  • Reduces calibration time by 50 to 90%
  • Windows software provides flexibility and produces consistent calibration results
  • Performs ASTM E74, ISO376 and EN100002-3 calibrations
  • Reading times recorded
  • Nonlinearity less than 0.003% FS
  • Automatically archives data
  • Automatically produces standard reports, graphs, and performance parameter calculations. Permits easy generation of customized reports and graphs

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Every new transducer or testing system must be calibrated to determine its properties and accuracy. It is also necessary to recalibrate transducers periodically because of drift, possible undetected damage, and normal wear and tear. The Gold Standard™ System is a complete PC-based system for the calibration of load cells and torque transducers. Normally the system is used with a hydraulic load frame which can either be supplied by the user or by Interface Inc. Separate software is available for the calibration of load cells in a deadweight system. Utilizing the experience obtained in almost five decades of force calibration of tens of thousands of load cells, the system provides state-of-the-art accuracy. The system is user-friendly and calibrations can be conducted with minimal training. Pull-down menus and step-by-step instructions guide the operator through a complete calibration.


  • SCB1 dual channel 20-bit signal conditioning board with 0.003% nonlinearity
  • ICS-202 force calibration software
  • Two Gold Standard interconnect cable assemblies
  • CX-0440 ±4mV/V transfer standard
  • SIS-104 system setup
  • SIS-103 one-day training at Interface Inc.

MODEL SCB1 SIGNAL CONDITIONING BOARD The Model SCB1 Signal Conditioning Board has 20-bit internal resolution and 0.003% nonlinearity which is intalled into an industrial computer.

SOFTWARE The software includes up to 29 descending or ascending points, polynomial curve fitting with 1st thru 5th degree equations, nonlinearity, hysteresis, non-symmetry, non-repeatability, actual output, combined error, and SEB output.

CX-0440 TRANSFER STANDARD SIMULATOR The CX-0440 is the highest accuracy load cell simulator in the world and is used to calibrate the SCB1 Signal Conditioning Board.

MODEL 1600 OR 1800 GOLD AND PLATINUM STANDARD LOAD CELLS The 1600 Gold Standard has exceptional performance for repeatability, reproducibility, creep, and extraneous load sensitivity and is designed for a lower load limit of 4% per ASTM standard E74. The 1800 Platinum Standard series is machined with an integral stud and has a 2% lower load limit.

OPERATION: LOAD CELL CALIBRATION In a typical two channel system, one channel is connected to the reference standard load cell and one channel is connected to the load cell being calibrated. The system can be set for up to 39 calibration points and will automatically record and archive the data and calculate the results. The 1600 or 1800 reference standard load cell and the load cell under test are placed in the load frame in series. The reference load cell is compared against the load cell being calibrated as the load is applied and each data point is automatically recorded.

See datasheet for available models, additional capacities, connectors, options, and accessories.
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