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LowProfile™ Improves Accuracy by 20%


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LowProfile™ Improved Accuracy
Performance Specifications


Interface Inc., a recognized leader in force measurement technology, is pleased to announce the improved-accuracy of its LowProfile™ load cell product line. Accuracy has improved up to 20%, for LowProfile™ models 1000, 1100, 1200, and calibration-grade 1600 force measurement load cells.

“Customers are more demanding than ever”, stated Ted Haller, president and CEO. “They want to accurately measure over the full-range of the sensor. We’ve worked on these product improvements for over 2 years, and I am ecstatic that the results are so good.  There are a lot of new aircraft flying today that use Interface’s LowProfile™ load cell, and you can bet these companies and test engineers think performance and reliability are important.”

The LowProfile™ load cell is the flagship product for Interface.  LowProfile™ load cells are used in many applications where linearity, hysteresis, and repeatability are paramount to the accuracy performance of the load cell. Applications in aerospace (Boeing, NYSE:BA; Airbus, EN:EADS; and NASA) are mission-critical relative to force measurements, and product reliability and performance is an absolute requirement.  Medical applications (NYSE:JNJ, and Medtronic, NYSE:MDT) are another industry where the LowProfile™ load cell performance is appreciated, ensuring that force measurement data is precise and repeatable.

“The Engineering staff worked hard on making these improvements, and I am sure they will mean a lot to the end-user of the LowProfile™ load cells in their applications”, stated LaVar Clegg, VP-Engineering. “We just wanted to be sure we exceeded our customers’ expectations, and our competitors’ capability.”

In automotive applications (General Motors, NYSE:GM; Toyota, NYSE: TM, and Hyundai) it’s important that the design be robust and withstand the punishment of the repeated, cyclic testing. The model 1000, a load cell designed for fatigue-testing of up to 1x10E8 fully-reversed cycles, provides force data for the extended life-testing applications.

Applications include brake pedal tests; crash, road, and seat loading tests; and a large array of mechanical-cycling tests - all critical to the automobile’s ride and energy-use performance.