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Force Sensor Manufacturer Introduces Simpler, Faster Online Shopping


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Force Sensor Manufacturer, Interface Inc.,
Introduces Simpler, Faster Online Shopping


In an ongoing effort to streamline customers’ ability to configure, price, and simplify product purchases of load cells, torque transducers, instrumentation, load pins, and multi-axis sensors, Interface Inc. has unveiled its new online webstore. Featuring real‐time selection and pricing, the store front is fully integrated with the associated product pages.  

The webstore provides immediate purchase of the products of interest, their accessories, and other options that a webstore customer is interested in reviewing. Pricing is available to all USA customers, but worldwide customers can use the interactive distributor locator application to find Interface product prices from their local Interface distributor.

“The new Web Store is a natural step for our marketing and sales program,” says Grant Shaffer, U.S. National Sales Manager. “Thanks to our in‐house development talents we can determine what our customers are searching for and adapt the website to meet those needs in a matter of days, not weeks.”

Ted Haller, president and CEO, echoes the importance of the webstore initiative: “Our existing system for online e-commerce sales is particularly tailored to commercial, established accounts. With the new webstore, we cater to the needs of new customers, smaller accounts, and other companies  who want to buy online without the hassle of a lot of effort – just what they do with other e‐retailers.”