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QuickShip48 Program Launch


New QuickShip48 Program Launches

– Shipping Popular Products Within 48 Hours –


On Monday May 16, 2016, Interface, Inc. launched the QuickShip48 program, offering over 200 standard products to be shipped from their Scot tsdale, A Z factory in 48 hours or less.

QuickShip48 provides the fastest delivery times in the industry on the highest demand Interface products and configurations. It can reduce customer costs by reducing the need to keep an inventory of spare load cells. Now when a load cell breaks, customers no longer have to wait 4, 6, or even 8 weeks for a replacement. When customers need to complete a critical measurement they didn’t plan for, they can get the right force sensor and get to work sooner without significant delays.

“We are creating savings for our customers four ways with the new QuickShip48 program. We are saving them time and we are saving them from having to keep inventory, which in the end will save them money and a headache.” – Gil Franklin, Interface Inside Sales Manager

Parts available via QuickShip48 include; LowProfile™ Load Cells, Miniature Load Cells, Rotary and Reaction Torque Transducers, 3-Axis Load Cells, Indicators, and Signal Conditioners from 37 model families.

QuickShip48 products are searchable on the Interface webstore by looking for the red “QS48” flag, or filtering by type “QuickShip48”. Customers can also visit the QuickShip48 landing page to view all the model families included in the program.

When your force measurement application demands precision and performance—quickly, trust Interface QuickShip48. Choose from over 200 standard parts, and Interface will have them out the door in just 48 hours!