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Precision Car Weight and Distribution

Racing Suspension
Load Cell Summing Box
Interface LBM Series Load Cells

On the track, race cars have been adjusting chassis for a century attempting to get more speed and handling. Today's race teams use technology to gain any small advantage over competitors. Interface load cells are one technology used to measure precise weights at all points around the chassis.

A total weight application uses 4 load cells per pad and one pad per tire. The car weight is monitored to insure the car meets specified weight limitations. With this load cell system, proper weight distribution could also be confirmed.

Based on accuracy and cost requirements, Interface recommended the Interface LBM load cell.

These load button type load cells were chosen due to ease of installation and moderate price. The spherical radius on the load button accommodates any side load present while the 3 bolt mounting made the installation simple.

The other objective is to measure a total weight from the 16 load cells in the system. We chose the Interface JB104SS. One junction box was used on each tire pad to sum the four load cells. Total weight was determined by summing the four tire pads, which also used the JB104SS.

Total Race Car Weight and Distribution

Uses four load cells per pad with summing box:

  • Recommended Interface Model LBM load cells
    • Repeatability was critical aspect
    • Ease of installation
    • Moderate price
    • Accommodates side load
  • With Interface JB104SS Junction Box


 Interface JB104SS