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Medical Solutions

Medical Instrument Testing Often Involves A Load Cell

Accurate Force & Torque Measurement

Interface offers load cells and torque sensors for medical and health research applications where there is a need to accurately measure force.

Interface has supplied load cells to the medical industry for over fifty years. Our miniature models are the most accurate load cells to measure medium to small forces. Our torque transducers provide rotary and reactive measurement to accurately track the lightest movement.

Interface offers many patented force sensors for medical use that include many beneficial features such as 10X internal overload protection to protect against accidental shock loads. Mukti-axis sensors offer multiple channels of measurement in one compact housing.

Small Size

Typical load cells used in the medical industry include:


All of these miniature load cells are in stock for immediate delivery. Interface guarantees that these products exceed the accuracy of any comparable competitive product.

Thorough Sensor Testing

Interface tests every Low Profile™ load sensor for accuracy and temperature specifications, and moment compensates each unit to minimize sensitivity to extraneous loads. Using eight proprietary strain gages per sensor, our 4mV/V output well exceeds the goals for other load cell performance. Our calibration Gold Standard™ and Platinum Standard™ load cell families are used in testing most other brands of force sensors.

A few examples of Interface medical applications for force sensors:

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