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New & Improved Interface Machine Shop


In January, Interface completed the move of our Machine Shop to a new and larger off-site location. Last month we gave a tour of the new facility to a group of visiting manufacturer’s representatives, who were all thoroughly impressed. The new location at 10,000 square feet is 20% larger than our previous on-site space, allowing us to expand to meet the increasing demand from our production facility.

With the additional space we were able to add a dedicated QA Inspection Lab for our recently hired full-time Quality Inspector, as well as a full R&D Prototype Lab for our Experimental Machinist. It also houses our 3D Coordinate Measurment Machine (CMM). We also purchased a new saw and three new Mazak machines; a Mazak VCN 530 Mill, a Mazak QTN 250 MY with 40 inch travel, and a Mazak QTN 250 MSY with a Gantry Loader. The third Mazak is fully automated, and the first robot in our fleet of new and upgraded machines. Overall, we invested just under $1 million to grow and improve our machining technologies and capabilities.

We have big plans for the on-site space formally occupied by the machine shop as well. We will be adding a state of the art Engineering Prototype Lab. This investment helps us to increase our engineering capabilities, productivity and inventory, and bring new technologies to market sooner, allowing us to be more responsive while reducing lead times for customers.

Interface's commitment to improving customer service, and our ability to create improved technology partnerships is our investment in the future of our customers' success.