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About LowProfile™ Load Cells

LowProfile™ Load Cells

The Best Just Got Better!
Performance Improvement with No Price Increase 

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Introducing Interface’s Enhanced
LowProfile™ Load Cell

Interface Inc. pioneered the first Low Profile™ load cell in 1969 and is the largest producer of them in the world. We guarantee that our load cells will out perform our competitors...PERIOD.

Interface Blue...
Setting the Standard in Force Measurement

Interface is Raising the Bar In High Performance Force Measurement

A 20% improvement in performance based on over 2 years of extensive engineering development

  • Improved linearity & hysteresis  

  • Improved creep  

  • Improved thermal performance


Performance Parameters That Set Us Apart From Our Competitors

  • Creep. Interface is ±0.025%/20 minutes
  • Symmetry. Interface is less than 0.1% in comparing included T&C calibration data
  • Minimum shift in zero balance. Toggle from complete cycle
    of tension & compression
  • Parallelism. 0.002” between top and bottom load surfaces
  • Concentricity. 0.003” variance between top thread and base thread
  • Surface flatness. Interface load cell and base maintains 0.0002” flatness

World Leading Performance Begins at the Core of Our Product

Proprietary Strain Gages

  • Higher output
  • Higher signal to noise ratio
  • Higher resolution
  • Superior fatigue life



Temperature Effects

  • Industry leading temperature performance (0.0004-0.0008%RO/°F)
  • Hot & cold temperature compensation to reduce thermal effects
  • We test and adjust each sensor at each temperature extreme
  • Multiple runs in temperature chamber to validate adjusted final accuracy




  • Every LowProfile™ load cell is individually calibrated in
    tension and compression with no additional charge
  • Allows for the comparison of rated output in tension
    to the rated output in compression
  • We do system calibrations of most load cell brands



Interface Moment Compensation

  • Every Low Profile™ load cell is mechanically compensated for moment loads
  • Minimizes effect of eccentric loading and installation orientation
  • Maximizes the operating life and minimizes the error
  • Most load cell manufacturers do not compenstate or have a specification for eccentric load sensitivity



Options available for a variety of applications

  • Fatigue Rated
  • Internally Amplified
  • Axial Torsion
  • Multi-Axis
  • 25 lbf to 2 million lbf
  • 2 Wire Amp
  • Flange Mount
  • High Temperature
  • IP67
  • Intrinsically Safe
  • Hermetically Sealed
  • Calibration Grade
  • Dual Range
  • Custom Designs
  • Overload Protection
  • Adapters - Male/Female
  • Vacuum Rated
  • Cables

Interface LowProfile™Load Cells

  • Over $7 million in inventory

  • More than 150 items guaranteed in stock

  • Delivery capabilities beyond the competition


We Recalibrate ALL Manufacturers’ Load Cells

  • Hydraulic systems use a reversing actuator
    to apply tension and compression in the same setup
  • Industry’s most complete and accurate calibration certificate
  • Quick turnaround – consistent 3 to 5 day turnaround 
    (2-day expedited service available)
  • 50 grams to one million lbf
  • A2LA Accredited laboratory
  • 18 fully automated calibration systems