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Interface's intrinsically safe load cells are a specially designed versions of Interface load cells with loop-powered intrinsically safe amplified output for use in oil field and other hazardous locations. These load cells are derived from other proven Interface models by adding high resistance strain gages for low-current loop power and shielded internal amplifier for extra low emissions and minimal EMI susceptibility.  ATEX approval requires a stainless steel housing and a sealed design such as our IP68, so many standard Interface models qualify with only slight factory modification. Many of the types of load cells available are listed below and can can be ordered customized to match customer application requirements. Please contact the factory for specific information.  The Model 3400 is a family of load cells of various mechanical configurations, all with the same internal 4–20 mA loop-powered amplifier and 4000-5000 ohm strain gage bridge.

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Stainless Steel
LP Loadpin
220 lbf - 3,000K lbf