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We're the Load Cell Experts!

Whether you need general purpose, LowProfile or miniature cells for standard or special applications, you don't have to be an expert in force measurement, because we are. Talk to us about what sort of forces you need to measure, and under what conditions and constraints. We'll walk you through the load cell specification process, quickly and efficiently, and if we don't have what you need on the shelf, we'll be happy to customize an existing product or build a new one from scratch to meet your exacting requirements.

In most cases, customization is not required. We have thousands of load cells in stock, available for same-day or next-day shipment. In fact, we stock more finished goods and subassemblies than any of our competitors. Our load cells are used for test and measurement purposes all around the world in a wide variety of industries and applications. These include the aerospace and automotive industries, medical equipment, material test equipment, and oil and gas exploration and production.

Interface load cells, torque transducers and instrumentation are used in many industries for test and measurement applications. A few examples are aerospace structural, automotive component, engines, crash, soil, asphalt, cable, spring, biomechanical, and medical testing as well as all types of material testing machines. Our products are also used in hundreds of other applications such as manufacture assembly, machine tools and presses, tank and hopper weighing, cranes, medical, conveyors, cable tension monitoring, process control, textile fiber tension, power control, electric motors, transmissions, blood separation, oil well measurements etc.

Manufactured of proprietary materials, Interface load cells are guaranteed to outperform competitors' load cells. Each and every load cell is individually tested and calibrated to the highest standards in the industry.

Interface manufactures the best load cells in the world, beginning with our proprietary strain gage, which is designed and manufactured entirely in the United States. We machine our own flexures with 14 Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machines in house, so we can closely monitor quality of the machining process. From strain gage to machining to production to calibration, we believe this vertical integration is imperative to provide you with the finest load cell you can buy. Our manufacturing process guarantees performance and gives you the benefit of increased durability, which helps you avoid downtime in your own manufacturing or testing processes. Whatever your load cell needs, you can save time and effort by calling Interface first.

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type model max capacity

Low Capacity
MB Mini Beam Load Cell
5 lbf to 250 lbf
MBI Overload Protected Mini Beam Load Cell
2 lbf to 10 lbf
10 N to 50 N
MBP Overload Protected Mini Beam Load Cell
2.5 lbf to 10 lbf
5 N to 100 N
Wide Range
LBM Compression Load Button
25 lbf to 50K lbf
Overload Protected
LBMP Overload Protected Compression Load Button
0.01 kN to 100 kN
High Accuracy
LBMU Ultra Compression Load Button
100 to 1K lbf
Temperature Compensated
LBS Miniature Compression Load Button
5 lbf to 1K lbf
Stainless Steel
LW Load Washer
5 lbf to 100K lbf
Low Height
LWCF Clamping Force Load Cell
3.37K lbf to 33.7K lbf
15 kN to 1500 kN
Stainless Steel
LWHP14 Load Washer
0.05 kN to 100 kN
Mounting Holes
LWMH1 Thru-Hole Load Cell
0.2 kN to 10 kN
Mounting Holes
LWMH2 Thru-Hole Load Cell
0.5 kN to 20 kN
Stainless Steel
LWPF1 Press Force Load Washer
450 lbf to 22.5K lbf
2 kN to 100 kN
Stainless Steel
LWPF2 Press Force Load Washer
22.5K lbf to 135K lbf
100 kN to 600 kN
High Capacity
MSC Mini Column Compression Load Button
15K lbf to 30K lbf
Small Size
MTFS Miniature Tension Force Load Cell
1 kN to 100 kN
General Purpose
SM S-Type Load Cell
10 lbf to 1000 lbf
50 N to 5000 N
Low Height
SMA Mini S-Type Load Cell
15 lbf to 200 lbf
60 N to 900 N
Very Low Height
SML Mini Low Height S-Type Load Cell
5 lbf to 2000 lbf
22 N to 9 kN
U.S. & Metric
SMT Overload Protected S-Type Load Cell
1.1 lbf to 450 lbf
5 N to 2000 N
U.S. & Metric
SMTM Micro S-Type Load Cell
5 lbf to 50 lbf
20 N to 200 N
Single Point
SPI Platform Scale Load Cell
3 lbf to 15 lbf
Single Point
SPI Platform Scale Load Cell
25 lbf to 150 lbf
SSB Sealed Beam Load Cell
50 lbf to 10K lbf
SSM-FDH Sealed S-Type Load Cell
50 lbf to 250 lbf
Environmentally Sealed
SSM / SSM2 Sealed S-Type Load Cell
50 lbf to 10K lbf
200 N to 50 kN
U.S. & Metric
SSMF Fatigue Rated S-Type Load Cell
25 lbf to 2.5K lbf
100 N to 10 kN
Stainless Steel
WMC Sealed Stainless Steel Mini Load Cell
5 lbf to 500 lbf
22 N to 2200 N
Overload Protected
WMCFP Sealed Stainless Steel Mini Load Cell
1.1 lbf to 2.2 lbf
500 gf to 1,000 gf
Overload Protected
WMCP Stainless Steel Mini Load Cell
1.1 lbf to 2.2 lbf
500-1000 gf
Overload Protected
ULC Ultra Low Capacity Load Cell
0.11 lbf to 0.45 lbf
0.5 N to 2 N