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High Resolution Digital Telemetry Torque (HRDT)

The High Resolution Digital Telemetry Rotary Torque Flange (HRDT) is a compact, high accuracy, easy to use solution for torque measurement. The device's bearingless design is maintenace free and allows precise measurement from 250 to 10KNm (2,200 to 88,500 lb-in).

Key features of the HRDT Rotary Torque Flange:

  • Non-contact bearingless design with a convenient side mount stator
  • User selectable and user scaleable analog output
  • Available second range or simultaneous dual outputs
  • Easy setup with no PC required

Included components of the High Resolution Digital Telemetry Rotary Torque Flange:

  • Rotary torque flange (torque sensor)
  • Stator: provides power and receives signal from the sensor
  • Output module
  • Software
  • Cables

Availabe HRDT options include:

  • Second output module for either dual range or dual simultaneous outputs
  • Speed gear: Mounts inline with the torque sensor and comes with related speed sensing hardware
  • Integral coupling version of the HRDT

One advantage of a second output module is the ability to have two completely seperate ranges in the same test setup. For example, in electric motor tests where you want to measure friction to spin the motor as well as motor power.

Another popular option is the integral coupling which allows flexible disc couplings to be mounted directly to the torque flange. This provides a very short installed length.