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Industries Test and Measurement Solutions

Harness Durability Testing

Customer Need / Challenge

  • Harnesses are often used to strap humans of various weights to safety equipment or sports gear.
  • Harness manufacturers must determine load and durability factors for harnesses and their attachment points.


Interface Solution

  • A drop test apparatus uses an Interface Model 1200 Load Cell attached to a cable and loaded harness.
  • The Loaded harness is dropped from a specified height to measure the force generated during sudden stop at maximum cable extension.





  • Engineers determine the total force on the harness for various body weights dropped from maximum usage heights to set harness limits.
  • Tests can be repeated numerous times to determine fatigue and durability limits.


See how this was accomplished using an Interface Model 1200 Standard Precision LowProfile™ Load Cell attached to a cable and loaded harness, and an INF-USB2 Universal Serial Bus Signle Channel PC Interface Module.

Download the Application Note below.

 Harness Durability Testing App Note.pdf