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Products DIG-USB USB Output Module


USB Output Module

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  • Configuration, Calibration, Graphing, Logging, and Display Software
  • Works with mV/V Force and Torque Devices
  • Rugged ABS IP50 Enclosure (DIG-USB)
  • Windows Driver DLL’s available
  • Up to 500 Samples/Seconds
  • OEM PCB version available
  • Peak and Valley Recording
  • High Stability
  • Digital I/O

The DIG-USB product family comprises of Digital Sensor Cards that connect sensors to your PC via USB.

The DIG-USB product is a compact, high-precision Strain Gauge Converter; converting a strain gauge sensor input to a digital output and is connected to a PC via a USB port. They allow high precision measurements to be made and communicated directly to a PC and is aimed at applications which require high-accuracy measurement repeatability. With the appropriate drivers installed, the DIG-USB appears as a virtual serial port to the PC.

Simply by plugging the device into a PC, data can be extracted from most strain gage bridge input sensors and acquired by software which allows data manipulation removing the need for amplifiers, filters & multimeters.

Free-standing module fitted with 9-Pin ‘D’ type socket for load cell and optional temperature sensor connections. 

Micro USB socket accepts a USB lead with type ’A’ connector at the PC end.

DIG-USB Software Download

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DIG-USB Specifications
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DIG-USB and DIG-USB-OEM Datasheet DIG-USB and DIG-USB-OEM Datasheet
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