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Custom Load Cells

We welcome custom load cell requests, delivering the broadest variety of available options in the industry. We will work with you to provide precisely what you need quickly and cost-effectively.  Interface can provide customized designs for your load cell and force transducer needs.


  • High and low temperature ranges; up to 500˚ F
  • Non-industry or industry-specific: Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Automotive, etc. 
  • Very low to very high capacities: 0.5N to 1M pounds; English or metric sized and calibrations
  • Static or dynamic measurements – strain-gage based
  • System calibrations with yours or our Instrumentation, if required
  • AT2A calibration certified

Interface has been manufacturing the world’s standard load cells for nearly 50 years. We invented the S-Type and introduced the LowProfile load cells for high-accuracy needs.  Our product knowledge includes shear, column, pancake, bending,  and many other types of load cell loading designs.  So if our standard load cell can’t meet your custom application, we offer an in-house custom design to modify existing designs or complete new designs.
With certifications for A2LA, ATEX, ISO, and others we can provide a load cell or force transducer for any industry application and standards need.
Because all of the load cells we design are also manufactured at the same location our designs are proven and tested for complete repeatability – over and over again.  And each and every load cell is fully tested using our in-house calibration test machines.

Custom options are available for most of our load cell families and sensor types including low profile, beam, s-type, column, miniature, and rod-end styles as well as multi-axis transducers with force and torque moment measurement in multiple axes.

If you have a difficult load cell application and standard product options do not resolve your issues, we welcome the opportunity to develop a force sensor solution for you. Our manufacturing and engineering resources are extensive to provide you with the most versatile selection of load cell designs available anywhere.. Contact us for further discussion.

Load Cell Options

Important Note:

Options are available typically for an additional charge. Most product pages (data sheets and or product catalog pages) refer to the available options for a specific product; please consult these pages as your guide to particular options. Certain options may affect the performance or characteristics of the base-level product.

General Load Cell Option List

Temperature Compensated Range 1a. -20° to 85°C (-5° to 185°F)
  1b. -25° to 110°C (-15° to 230°F)
  1c. -20° to 90°C ( 0° to 195°F)
  1d. -25° to 125°C (-15° to 250°F)
Internal Amplifiers 2a. Voltage Amp: 0 to 5VDC
  2b. Voltage Amp: 0 to 10VDC
  2c. Current Amp: 4-20mA (3 wire)
  2d. Current Amp: 4-20mA (2 wire) {cat pg. 148}
  2e. Intrinsically Safe Current Amplifier: 4-20mA (2-wire) ATEX approved.

Note1: Internal amplifiers are also available as “in-line” amplification for load cells that have an integral cable attached.

Note2: Internal amplifiers include a precision internal shunt calibration resistor (except 2-wire amplifiers)

Note3: Internal amplifiers have a temperature range of 0° to 150° F

Electrical Termination 3a. Connector, PC04E-10-6P (6-pin connector)(MC001 mating)
  3b. Connector, PT02E-10-6P Bayonet (CN-207 mating)
  3c. Integral cable (4 or 7 wire, w/wo braided shield)
  3d. Integral Teflon cable (6 wire)
  3e. Customer specified connector(s)
  3f. Submersible cable (IP68 rating). Note: Height of the load cell must be taller than ½ inch.
Shunt Calibration 4a. A Precision fixed resistor placed specific to the load cell, that can be used to simulate a specific equivalent “load” on the load cell. (cat p170)
Bridge 5a. Dual bridge type
TEDS 6a. Transducer Electronic Data Sheet – Interface Inc. offers the TEDS chip which automatically provides load cell calibration to your TEDS-capable instrument.
Special Calibration 7a. Compression Only (+) output
  7b. Compression Only (-) output
  7c. Compression & Tension (10point)
  7d. Standardized Output (±0.01%)
  7e. System “setup calibration” – available service where Interface Inc. will setup your load cell to work specifically with your load cell and instrument / indicator, ensuring load cell accuracy.
  7f. NIST Traceable calibration
  7g. A2LA accreditation
Overload Protection 8a. Many of our load cells offer “overload protection”, which designate that a load cell should not accidently overload in use. “Overload Protected” load cells are designated with a “P” in the part number.
  8b. 5 to 10X OL protection (compression only) available on all low profile load cells < 11" O.D. with base. Level of protection depends on capacity
Threads 9a. Most Interface Inc. load cells are available in either US (standard) or Metric threads.

If you have an application needing an option not listed here, please consult our team for further discussion

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