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Calibration Systems

Load Cell Calibration Systems are available in design configurations measuring load cells from grams to millions of pounds force manufactured by Interface Inc. in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. Interface offers strain gage load cell calibration systems for nearly any force measurement application including custom designs.


Not only is Interface the world leader in high accuracy load cells for force measurement, but we also produce and sell the finest load cell and machine calibration systems. These systems and system components can you save time and money. By using an Interface Calibration System to calibrate your own load cells, you reduce downtime, and can calibrate your equipment as often as is necessary increasing confidence in measurement accuracies. And all of our calibration systems support a variety of test standards.

Our Gold Standard calibration system components meet a specified standard that exceeds the degree of accuracy provided by most calibration systems and required by most standards. They are highly accurate with fully integrated PC-based systems that allow you to accurately calibrate your load cells and force test machines with a minimum of effort and expense. The benefits you receive from relying on Interface Calibration Systems include the following:

    • Our controlled calibration process reduces calibration times by 50-90% with more consistent results.

    • Our easy-to-use software reduces operator-training time.

    • Our fully integrated reporting function makes developing reports quick and easy.

    • Automatic archiving of calibration results assures that all calibration data is saved and easy to find.

    • Our calibration system supports ASTM E74, ASTM E4 and ISO 7500/1 test protocols.

    • Our calibration system uses industry-accepted terms and calculations so you know your calibration follows accepted metrology practices.

    • Our calibration system offers 0.00001 mV/V display resolution, the same as is used by NIST.

  • Our calibration systems can be customized with a number of options that enhance performance.


Our portable machine calibration system integrates the ultra-accurate 9840 digital indicator with any laptop computer. This creates a portable system for in-field verification of force test machines. The verification involves insertion of a reference load cell (such as the Interface Gold StandardTM load cell) into the equipment under test. Each data point in the test frame controller is compared against the reading from the reference load cell.

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