Faces of Interface Featuring Randy White

Randy White’s passion for the engineering and aerospace industry began to grow at an early age. His father served in the United States Air Force, where he was the Chief Mechanic on a B52 in Vietnam. Growing up in Princeton, Illinois, Randy’s father imparted his mechanical and technical wisdom upon his son, which was developed during his time serving in the USAF, as well as in his post-military career as a mechanic for a steel company. His father told stories of the planes he worked on, and the two could often be found working together on cars, remodeling their home or solving various other projects around the house.

When Randy left for college, he decided to follow the passion that his father had helped to instill in him and received an Associate Degree in electronics from ITT Technical Institute. This degree, in addition to his early childhood background in engineering, helped him land a job at Rockford Corporation. He worked as a repair technician, working on car audio amplifiers. He was eventually promoted to the manager of the customer service and repair department.

Randy stayed with Rockford for nine years moving into the electronics and sensors industry. His first position in the electronics industry began at Vishay, a large components company. Randy worked on variable resistors at Vishay. This was the position that got him into the sensor industry. After several years working as an applications engineer and eventually a product manager, they closed the office in Tempe, Arizona. This is when he got into distribution sales. It wasn’t until he worked at TTI as a field sales representative, that he really understood the culture and importance of a good sales team. TTI’s relationship-focused sales culture and value-add selling really resonated with Randy and helped to build his foundation as a team player and solutions provider.

Randy’s final stop before joining Interface was at BEI Duncan, in the sensor department, which eventually became known as BEI Sensors. He moved into a sales role because he realized that he loved being in the field and helping customers solve challenges in person, rather than doing it from behind a desk. After five years with BEI and a promotion to regional sales manager, Randy began to explore a career at Interface.

He knew about Interface by reputation, and upon learning more about the company he realized he wanted to get into the force measurement industry. Specifically, he wanted to solve the test and development challenges for aerospace customers. He joined Interface as Regional Sales Manager, servicing the Western US. He remained for four years and then left to join HITEC Sensors Solutions Inc., for two years as their western regional sales manager.

Staying in touch with his Interface comrades and hearing of opportunities ahead, he was recruited back with a promise from the sales management team that they were on the verge of taking Interface to the next level. Randy knows of the potential that Interface has to really take the industry by storm with the biggest differentiator over the rest of the world. When asked what that differentiator was, he simply replied the people.

Randy rejoined Interface in 2019 because he believes in the people and enjoys the wide variety of aerospace companies he was able to work with that are already loyal customers. He also loves that he gets to see some of this technology in its the early stages of development while playing a key role in finding force measurement products to fit the evolving needs of these projects.

“One of the most exciting things about my role is the ability to work with aerospace companies that are creating new and innovative technologies.” Randy White, Regional Sales Director, Western Region, US

Even in his personal life, Randy is surrounded by aerospace. Not only with his father being in the U.S. Air Force, his mother, wife, daughter and one of his two sons all work in the airline industry as flight attendants or as an air traffic controller in his sons’ case. His youngest son is a CPA and even though he is not directly in the aerospace industry, he gets to reap the rewards and benefits from the rest of them. The passion truly follows Randy wherever he goes. In his free time, he and his wife spend time working on their retirement plan, which is flipping houses while they are living in them. He moved into a sales role professionally and has never lost the itch to work with his hands and build things!

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