Faces of Interface Featuring Lily Gaithe

A human resources titan and true “Jill of All Trades,” Lily Gaithe, Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) is this month’s Faces of Interface feature. We had a great time detailing Lily’s career climb and her role at Interface. Here is her story.

As the human resources leader for any organization, your job is your people. This is exactly what Lily Gaithe loves about the role. Throughout her career, she has naturally gravitated towards helping people solve challenges in both their work and personal life.

Prior to starting her career, Lily attended the University of Phoenix to earn her bachelor’s degree. She would also go on to earn a master’s degree from the American Military University. It’s also important to mention that Lily is one of the rare born and bred Phoenician’s.

After school, Lily did start her career in banking at Wells Fargo. However, when an HR specialist role opened, she immediately jumped at the opportunity. Her first role in HR involved being part of an HR call center team, supporting team members nationwide over the phone. The thing that made her really fall for a career in HR was the ability to help people change their outlook on life and work by being a part of their support system.

After six years with Wells Fargo, Lily moved on to work at Target, followed by going to Phelps Dodge Mining. While working for Phelps Dodge, Lily helped the company develop their HR center using her experience and background from Wells Fargo.

Throughout her career in HR to this point, there was one thing missing; the ability to have face to face interactions with her people. Therefore, when an opportunity with Interface came up and she found out that there would be more opportunities to work directly with employees, she decided it was time to make the leap to the manufacturing world.

Lily joined Interface as its CHRO and now leads a tight-knit team. Her role in the organization is to ensure that Interface is an attractive place to work and provides competitive salary and benefits to keep employees happy. She also maintains many of the organization’s HR processes to ensure the company meets compliance requirements.

What Lily enjoys most about working at Interface is that there is never a dull moment. As the CHRO, she constantly switching gears and wearing different hats to help solve everyday challenges with employees and the company.

“It’s a lot to handle at time being part of organization this size with a small team, but it is rewarding knowing that I make an impact on the organization and our people’s lives everyday. It’s a good feeling to be a part of,” said Lilian Gaithe, CHRO at Interface.

When Lily isn’t helping those around her in the office, she can be found traveling the world and exploring with her husband and daughter. She says that her number one destination is Hamilton Island in Australia, where she had the opportunity to see the Great Barrier Reef. She also listed Alaska and Yellowstone National Park as big highlights.

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