Faces of Interface Featuring Joey Cavale and Nick Siegel

The key to keeping a company cutting-edge and innovative is ensuring there is a healthy balance of experienced professionals, mixed with an injection of new talent. One of the primary reasons Interface remains headquartered in Arizona is because of the diverse pool of skilled labor derived from its strong base of manufacturing companies, along with the aspiring minds coming from science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) higher education institutions.

Interface is keen to find a good balance in our staff with broad variances of expertise, experience, skills, and capabilities. Throughout the Faces of Interface blog series, we have featured some of our experienced experts and masters of their crafts. Today, we are highlighting two of our newest members of our engineering team: Nick Siegel and Joey Cavale.

Nick and Joey are both manufacturing engineers who are at the beginning of their professional careers. Nick graduated from the University of Arizona in 2016 and has been with Interface for more than two years. Joey graduated in 2018 from Fort Lewis College in Colorado and has been with Interface for less than a year.

Both engineers had a similar career path. Nick grew up with a passion for science in grade school and eventually went on to explore engineering late in his high school career and throughout college. During a four-month period working as a mechanical engineer for InterLink Engineering, he also contracted for Interface. After spending just a few weeks working with Interface, he was hired as a design draftsman, responsible for creating 3D models and technical drawings in SolidWorks.

Joey was a curious child who enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together, especially watches. After exploring engineering in his junior year of high school, he went on to pursue a general engineering degree. Cavale joined Interface as an intern, and shortly after the internship ended, he was hired full-time to join the engineering team.

Siegel and Cavale both demonstrate enthusiasm and a strong commitment to continuous learning in their work at Interface. They work on a number of different projects side-by-side with experienced engineers and masters in force measurement. This work environment enables them to increase their skillsets across multiple disciplines.

“I have friends that work at larger Fortune 500 companies and enjoy their time, but I don’t think they are getting the same diverse and hands-on experience that I’m getting at Interface.” Joey Cavale

Both engineers enjoy the tight-knit and open team culture at Interface. They both noted they appreciate the opportunity to converse with the company leaders while getting coffee in the morning, which isn’t as easy to do at bigger companies.

Because they are both eager to develop and master new skills, there is a great deal of opportunity to learn in their day-to-day activities. They also provide fresh eyes and an eagerness to explore automation and offer new approaches, which is core to the company value: imagination.

“As one of the youngest members of the company, I’m often called upon to try out and become familiar with ‘new toys’ like the new machines Interface purchases to advance our engineering and automate production including robotics and 3D printers.” Nick Siegel

Asked about what they would tell their younger peers about a career in engineering, they both remarked that starting their professional career in a small-to-medium-sized business is smart because of the abundance of opportunities to expand skills and truly make an impact.

Interface is hiring! To learn more about job opportunities and internships at Interface, visit our careers page.