In 2018, Interface celebrated our 50-Year Golden Anniversary as the world leader in force measurement solutions. Continuing our focus on manufacturing innovation, the company is now in what we call our 2nd 50, which represents the future. With an ongoing commitment to our next 50 years, we will lead with passion and vigor to help our customers to do big things.

Our 2nd 50 is evident in our team’s commitment to excellence. It’s inherent in our culture, guided by four fundamental principles CBPI: customer, brand, partner, and innovation.

  • Customer – Focus on the needs of the customer in everything we do. This comes first.
  • Brand – Ensure each employee’s effort and execution upholds the Interface brand – from customer support to product development.
  • Partner – Build positive partnerships, both internally and externally.
  • Innovation – Keep innovation top of mind, from product development to internal processes. This is the foundation for serving each of the other three principles.

Interface is known for our reliable, accurate and quality products. We are the gold standard in precision measurements. That is how Interface customers like BoeingAirbusNASAFordGMJohnson & JohnsonNational Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and National Metrology Institute of Germany (PTB) products know us. And it’s what we provide for innovative industry giants in robotics, rockets, automation, energy, automotive and more.

In 1968, Richard F. Caris founded Interface, Inc. His legacy continues to represent our brand, as Interface has grown to be one of the most trusted names in the test and measurement industry. Our LowProfile® load cells and revolutionary torque transducers are used in almost every type of industry, from space to biomedical.

You are as good as the company that you keep. It’s why we value our partners, our team members, our representatives and our valued customers. They are all stakeholders in our continued success. Our value is defined by many, all contributing to the next half-century.

Innovation is core to Interface’s 2nd 50. It’s representative in our new products like the revolutionary AxialTQ, new ConvexBT load buttons, and the next generation of torque measurement devices and technologies.  Innovation expresses our future, what our team can accomplish, and how we leverage profound expertise to drive momentum, revenue, and growth into 2068.

Highlights of Interface’s pioneering history as innovators in force measurement: 

  • 1968 – Entrepreneur and Engineering Designer Richard F. Caris starts Interface Inc., by making load cells in his garage.
  • 1981 – Caris invents the Moment Compensation Rig to ensure accurate force measurement readings.
  • 1995 – Interface becomes the preeminent supplier of force measurement solutions to the aerospace industry.
  • 2002 – Interface becomes the first company to develop a one-million-pound calibration rig, expanding force measurement capabilities from grams to millions of pounds.
  • 2007 – Interface builds its first Torque Calibration Rig capable of calibrating torque sensors.
  • 2014 – Interface manufacturers its one-millionth load cell.
  • 2015 – The University of Arizona dedicates newly-renamed Richard F. Caris Mirror Lab following a $20 million transformational gift to support the UA’s construction of the Giant Magellan Telescope.
  • 2018 – Interface celebrates 50 years of developing innovative force measurement solutions for customers worldwide.
  • 2018 – Interface launches revolutionary AxialTQ, a fully customizable torque measurement device designed to use simultaneous analog and digital outputs for real-time control and data collection.
  • 2019 – Interface receives the 2019 Manufacturer of the Year award from the Arizona Manufacturers Council.