Join us for our exclusive ForceLeaders Summit LIVE in Austin, Texas


Our application and solutions engineers are hitting the road and headed to Texas. We are hosting a live in-person event at the Westin Austin at The Domain on Tuesday, March 22.  We are bringing products for an interactive conversation and hands-on experience.

This event brings together ForceLeaders who use sensors and measurement solutions, as engineers, lab technicians, testing professionals, product designers, metrologists, machine builders and component manufacturers from all types of industries, from oil and gas to aerospace.

Join this live conversation about what is trending and new, along with best of experiences and know-how when using force measurement solutions. We’ll dive deep into different sensor types, use cases, demonstrate some innovative new products and answer critical questions. What’s new? What’s trending? What should you avoid? What are the possibilities? Let’s talk about measurable results and improvements. We will cover it all.

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Event:  ForceLeaders Summit in Austin

Date: Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Time: 10:00 AM – 1:30 PM with Lunch Provided

Location: Westin Austin at The Domain, 11301 Domain Drive, Austin, TX 78758

Here are some of the hot topics we explore at this exclusive ForceLeaders event:

  • Key Factors that Impact Sensor Accuracy
  • Tips for Using Torque Transducers + Couplings
  • When and Why Use Load Pins
  • Customization Options and Building Systems
  • Trending Multi-Axis Sensors
  • Using Force Plates
  • Types of Advanced Instrumentation
  • Updates in Wireless and Bluetooth
  • More Data Please – Software and DAQ
  • Trending in T&M

This is an event that is designed to share and explore together the latest sensor technologies, trending use cases, new types of applications, tips and what to avoid. Our experts bring decades of experience collectively, along with expertise in working with industry leaders in all types of markets. They will give the real insights that can make the difference in how you use sensors and what types of sensors give you the best value and results.

We hope to see you in Texas!