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TEDS – IEEE 1451.4


Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS)

  • Sensor with Electronic Identification Inside
  • Plug & Play Ready
  • Meets IEEE 1451.4 Standard for Smart Transducer Interface
  • Contains Sensor Information and Calibration Data
  • Available on New or Existing Sensors

TEDS Benefits:

  • Eliminates potential for data entry error
  • Simplifies & reduces setup
  • Makes swapping of load cells easy
  • Increases safety by making certain that system has the correct sensors
  • Can be used to identify location of sensors
  • Improves inventory control of your sensors
  • Sensors can be changed out without jeopardizing integrity of system


IEEE1451.4 specifies a table of identifying parameters that are stored in the load cell in the form of a TEDS. TEDS is a table of parameters that identify the transducer and is held in the transducer on a EEprom for interrogation by external electronics.

TEDS Plug & Play Ready Instruments


Add TEDS to any Interface Sensor for only $100

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