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Fatigue-Rated S-Type Load Cell Sensor - SSMF


For Imediate Release

Fatigue-Rated Small S-Type Load Cell Sensor - SMMF


Interface, Inc., a recognized leader in force measurment technology, is pleased to announce the newest product offering in its vast array of fatigue-rated load cell force sensors - SSMK - an environmentally sealed, s-type load cell for measuring forces in tension and compression.

With excellent mechanical and electrical properties, the SSMK provides high-accuracy measurements of mechanical forces where extreme loading cycles are required. The SSMF is fully capable of tension and compression measurements; cycling repeatedly through zero up to 1 x 107 times without failure. Capable of measuring forces from 25 lbf to 2,500 lbf (100 N to 10 kN), the SSMF product line options include high-temperature operation and/or submersible capabilities. Specifications are significant as the mV/V output is fully compensated from 15C to 75C, non-repeatability is less than ±0.05% over full-scalae, and creep performance (20min) at less than 0.025%. The SSMF also provides up to 150% overload capacity without failure.

Developed fro Automotive, Medical, Aerospace, and Manufacturing industry needs, Interface builds SSMF load cell sensors for demanding, high-reliability, industrial application where durability and repeatability are critical. 100% American-made, for nearly 50 years, Interface products offer an impressive assortment of fatigue-rated load cell sensors using advanced engineering techniques that create the best and most versatile design to meet customers' needs.