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Interface Announces Website Redesign Incorporating Technical Library


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Interface Inc. Announces Website Redesign

Improved Product Selection, Communications and
Educational Resources Designed Into InterfaceForce.com


Interface Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of load cells, re-launched their newly designed website:  http://www.interfaceforce.com this week.  The new design offers better speed and organization, while providing versatile product online catalog.  With nearly 800 pages of products, technical information, and mechanical drawings, the new website is supported by a full library of additional and supportive information.  The extensive product offering of load cells, torque transducers, multi-axis sensors, load pins, calibration instruments, load frames, and other numerous accessories are complemented by educational resources and a fully featured webstore.  To better serve our global customer base, language translation is automatic through the Google translation application, integrated into the website.

“Our new website is a big step forward for Interface and will improve service tremendously for our customers around the world. We have provided faster and easier search tools with more information to better compare and select our force measurement sensors”, stated Ted Haller, president and CEO.  “We know how valuable an effective website can be for every customer to better research, learn, discuss, and choose the proper load cell or torque transducer for their applications.”

interfaceforce.com provides an all new product selection & information areas for Interface force sensor products including load cells, torque sensors, multi-axis transducers, custom load cells, sensor instruments and accessories, load cell calibration systems, and their recalibration and repair services.

The Interface Solutions area expands our portfolio of load cell and torque sensor applications to provide ideas for aerospace, automotive, oil & gas, medical, material testing and the many other industries using Interface sensors.

Interface is dedicated to continued education and serves their new, expanded Technical Library of guides and articles on strain gage load cell design and use. Their Primers on load cells and torque sensors are recognized as leading resources for educators and engineers alike.

The newly designed website provides many convenient communications channels for improved ease in contacting staff. The Interface Application Engineering Team is available via phone, email, fax, online chat, web meeting, or callback to help insure proper and speedy solutions.