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Want to Fly From London to NYC in 1 Hour?


If you answered YES, it might become a reality. Interface customer, Airbus, just patented a jet that could fly from London to New York in one hour. Can you imagine flying across the pond in one hour?! If you've never flown that route before, it normally takes a conventional airliner 7-8 hours. If that doesn't blow your mind away, Airbus thinks the patented hypersonic jet would be able to fly from Paris to San Francisco or Tokyo to Los Angeles in about three hours.

Last month, the US Patent and Trademark Office approved the application for the hypersonic jet that is expected to reach speeds as high as 4 1/2 times the speed of sound. At that rate of speed, the Airbus jet would blow away the 3 1/2 hour trip it took the now retired Concorde jet to make the same trip. To reach a cruising speed of over 3,000 mph, the jet would be powered by three engines that will work in a sequential order to get the jet aloft and into cruising altitude.

To get off the ground, the craft will use two turbojets mounted under the fuselage as well as a rocket motor mounted in the rear. As the Airbus lifts off the runway, it will climb vertically like the Space Shuttle. Right before the jet reaches the speed of sound, the turbojets shut down and retract into the belly of plane — leaving only the rocket motor to guide it up to an altitude of more than 100,000 feet.

According to Airbus:
"Much of the plane's aerodynamics are designed to limit and reduce the sonic boom it will create when it reaches supersonic speed. In the 1970s, the Concorde was beset by complaints of sonic booms and noise pollution created by its four Rolls-Royce Olympus turbojet engines. Consequently, it was prevented from operating over land."
In addition:
"The hypersonic jet could have both civilian and military applications. In civilian trim, the craft could serve as private jet or as an airliner with room for 20 passengers. In military trim, the jet could serve as a hypersonic transport for commandos or as a reconnaissance plane like the SR71 Blackbird. As with most patented ideas, it's unlikely the jet will ever enter production. But technology derived from the hypersonic plane could make its way into Airbus' other less extreme products."
For more information on the Airbus jet, check out this video: https://youtu.be/0dyrbRGkVKI