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MRT2 Miniature

Reaction Torque Transducer

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MRT2 Miniature
Starting at $1600.00
  • Capacities from 5 to 50 Nm
  • Proprietary Interface temperature compensated strain gages
  • Small size – 70 x 60 mm (2.75 x 2.25 in)
  • Excellent linearity and repeatability
  • Low deflection – high torsional stiffness

Available in Model: MRT2

Additional Capacities Available

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English Standard Metric Standard
This product is maufactured in metric standard capacities only. Refer to metric tab above.
Model Capacity Lead Time Description
MRT2-10NM 10 Nm Model MRT2, 10 Nm Capacity, 5 ft Integral Cable
MRT2-20NM 20 Nm Model MRT2, 20 Nm Capacity, 5 ft Integral Cable
MRT2-50NM 50 Nm Model MRT2, 50 Nm Capacity, 5 ft Integral Cable