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Products LCT-1 Ultimate Load Cell Test Instrument

LCT-1 Ultimate

Load Cell Test Instrument

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LCT-1 Ultimate
Starting at $1330.00

• Continuous signal readout provides checking of linearity and repeatability
• User friendly: fully test the load cell without intervention
• Alphanumeric display: 16 x 2 lines
• Rugged ABS enclosure with rubberized over case for drop protection
• Industrial 8-pin screw connector
• Size: 150 mm x 80 mm x 28 mm
• Weight: 250 g

The LCT-1 Ultimate is a hand-held device that is specifically designed to fully troubleshoot strain-gage based load cells. It provides several tests that indicate bridge resistance & integrity, overload, and insulation resistance - which can indicate moisture or chemical contamination into the load cell.

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LCT-1 - From Stock Ultimate Load Cell
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LCT-1 Ultimate Specifications
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LCT-1 Data Sheet.pdf LCT-1 Data Sheet.pdf
LCT-1 Ultimate User's Guide LCT-1 Ultimate User's Guide