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How Could a Load Cell be used to Measure That?


Move over David Blaine! Make room for Hezi Dean. Dean, an illusionist and endurance artist, has broken a few of Blaine’s most impressive records in recent years. However, on March 22nd, Dean might have performed his most impressive, and coolest, act to date.

In outrageous fashion, Dean appeared to be floating in the air, above hundreds of on lookers at a shopping center in Tel Aviv, with ONLY his outstretched arm and hand attached to side the wall.

Now before you watch the video, close your eyes and try to image that. The local pedestrians tried to figure out the stunt while Dean hung there for five hours.


Pretty cool, huh?! We want to know what you think.

What was the FORCE required to hold his hand out for so long?

How could a LOAD CELL be used to measure that?