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Proving Theoretical Cutting Forces of Rotary Ultrasonic Machining

Rotary ultrasonic machining is a hybrid process that combines diamond grinding with ultrasonic machining to provide fast, high-quality drilling of many ceramic and glass applications. Recently, the potential of using this new method to expand its capabilities from simply drilling holes to milling complex shapes, has been theoretically proven using computer models. However, proving this theory in the real world requires a better understanding of the forces happening during the machining process. Rotary ultrasonic machining generates forces of a very small magnitude. As a consequence, any load cell used for their measurement must be sensitive, while at the same time retaining high structural stiffness within a compact, low-profile envelope. In addition, any crosstalk in the load cell must be minimized in order to clearly identify the force of each axis.

Learn how this was done using an Interface Model 3A120 3-Axis Load Cell along with a Model BSC4D Multi-Channel Bridge Amplifier & PC Interface Module.


Download the Application Note below.

 Cutting Force App Note.pdf